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Stay At Home and Stay In Touch

We may not be able to get to our boats in the current lock down but lets keep in touch.

There are some very dark and ominous clouds all around us now in these worrying times, but there remain a number of ways to see what's happening, stay in touch, and enjoy the company of members all now 'staying at home', unless of course they happen to be key workers, volunteers, on deployment in HM Forces, or health care professionals.

Our forums on this website are very much open and although we cannot work on our boats right now, we can still share ideas and advice for the time when surely we will be returning and heading out to sea again.

Our private HROA group Facebook pages are open too for members who have registered, with some posting humorous links they've found 'online', or pictures of boats 'about to go in the water' all beautifully dressed but 'nowhere to go' on HROA Chat. I hope to see members' pictures from past cruising and general life aboard their HRs as we wait out this dreadful virus.

And be assured that our HROA President will have extra time to work on an especially challenging Blue Line quiz for us all come the next edition. For the rest of us, how about submitting some articles now to the editor on all things Hallberg Rassy? After all most of us now have certainly got the time to work on that long awaited account of the cruise around Bramble Bank.

In the meantime, I pray that everyone stays safe, keeps cheerful, finds where that seagull wing jigsaw piece fits in the seascape 10,000 tiny bits puzzle on the dining room table, and dreams of when we can all get together again on the water.

Tim Bishop, Commodore HROA

(My picture shows Minke II anchored just off Korcula in Croatia, summer 2016 at dusk. Overnight we weathered a bora wind with gusts in excess of 40 knots)