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Still time to win the Valda and Scribe's Prize awards!

Just a reminder that the deadline for entries for the Scribe's Prize and Valda Award is 30th September.

The Scribe's Prize is awarded to the author of the best article in each year's magazine. Editing work is in full swing at the moment but there is still time to submit an article for possible inclusion in this year's 'The Blue Line'. Please contact the editor ( if you have something in mind - it will greatly help with planning!

The Valda Award is for the best photgraph taken by a member since 1 October 2018 at an HROA Event, or taken of, or onboard a Member's HR yacht. So why not review your photo catalogues - that candidate may be buried in some smartarphone or hard disc, just waiting to be retrieved and win! Just send it to the editor.

You can view previous year's entries, and a small sample of those already received this year in our Picture Gallery, accessible from the tab on the home page.

Members can get some great tips for winning photos in a Blue Line Article by our Commodore. Click Information/Article Database/search by category/general then look for a 2014 article 'Tips and Thoughts for submitting photographs'.