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History of the 'Silent Service' and HMS Alliance

NEW - a link to a movie on the Members' Only section of our website (Events Calendar/30th Anniversary .../links) about HMS Alliance, now in the Submarine Museum, centre for our Rally celebrations

The movie sets the scene: Second World War is over, and the Cold War has begun. The West, Britain, America, and their European allies are standing face to face against the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. The world stands on the brink of nuclear holocaust. Britain's Navy, Army, and Air Force are at full strength to combat the Communist menace. But foremost amongst Britain's weapons is her secret, silent service: Her submarines.

HMS Alliance now fully restored and preserved at the Royal Navy's Submarine Museum was part of Britain's submarine force and played a vital roles in the`UK's Cold War military strategy. The film gives a glimpse of some of her covert military preparations and the living conditions the crew had to endure.

The museum will form the centre of our 30th Anniversary celebrations at the end of September down in Gosport were we hope to have a large fleet of HRs assemble in the marina, and members both on boats and joining by car will enjoy an evening's celebration of our association, with a very special guest speaker who has unique first hand knowledge as a very senior Naval officer at the very centre of leading our Royal Navy's contribution to world peace.