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HROA Committee meet at the Chichester Yacht Club

On the eve of the association's 30th anniversary, lots of plans to discuss at our bi-annual meeting.

Plans are well underway to celebrate our anniversary with a very special rally weekend centred in and around Portsmouth Harbour, with a gala evening hosted nearby at the Royal Naval Submarine Museum at Gosport, led by our Social Secretary Sue Ross.

The HROA President, Andy Du Port, showed committee the original logo for the association drawn in 1989, and ideas for the anniversary celebration for entertainment, as well perhaps a rally in company in the harbour, were shared in the meeting.

The Sailing Secretary John Lepper will be working on plans for a Summer rally to head to the West Country, but perhaps by visiting some of the less well known harbours and anchorages on the way.

We also welcomed our new Editor of the Association''s annual magazine, Tess Reid, to her first committee meeting, and sadly accepted the resignation of David Lewis, our Discounts Manager, who is one of the longest standing committee members.

The HROA Committee meets twice a year, usually in the first weeks of February, and November each year, and we welcome members who would like to get involved at committee level in the first instance by sending an email to, or lightly tapping any of your committee on the shoulder!!