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Winter Events visit to Bletchley Park and Waddesdon Manor

Members enjoy an excellent weekend visit to the home of World War II code breaking

Highlight of the HROA's first 'Winter Events' date of this season included a visit to Bletchley Park, and the National Radio Centre that has recently been set up in one of the former code breaking huts.

Happily two of our members, Bill Walker, and our Past Commodore Nigel Kingsley, hold the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) radio licenses required by law to operate the complex long range communications equipment. They then called up a yacht skipper up on the Isle of Hoy. We all listened in as Bill and Nigel were able to enquire in the time honoured maritime radio tradition, 'How is the weather?'. David told us all that it was 'mild' 6 degrees, with a 'gentle' Force 6 wind: Not for the faint of heart for those who like to sail in the northern most parts of UK in the winter.

A fascinating break stop history lesson took us all on a fast tour of the massive museum site, before leaving us all to visit the remarkable range and diversity of exhibits outlining the true story of how the Axis 'unbreakable' codes were finally broken. It especially impressed many of us that women played such a major wartime role at the top secret intelligence base.

The following day members set off for the Rothschild's former Summer residence Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, bequeathed with all of its opulent content to the nation in 1957 by James Rothschild, and one of the star attractions for the National Trust.

Next visit on the diary arranged by our Social Secretary Sue Ross, will be the London Post Office Railway Museum in Mount Pleasant, London.