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Eastern Section Walk

Members enjoyed a socially distanced walk along the Orwell

Numbers were strictly limited for Eastern Section members keen to observe social distancing, but still out to enjoy a six mile walk along the muddy banks of the beautiful River Orwell, East Anglia on Wednesday.

Autumnal sunshine kept the threatened rain clouds away for a lovely walk first along the water admiring the boats swinging peacefully from river moorings, then later across fields of potatoes and sugar beet, before returning to a classic venue at the picturesque riverside hamlet of Pin Mill.

It was to be a carefully choreographed mix of masks on and masks off for the pub lunch afterwards at the Butt and Oyster, as well as some deft use of mobile phones for the infamous NHS 'Track and Trace' app.

But in spite of all the precautions that are now the new reality in this pandemic, the Eastern Section walks continue through the Winter months, though inevitably with smaller numbers than years past.