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Zooming along with our first virtual pontoon party

Our first rally of the season in Yarmouth may have had to be cancelled, yet HROA members mustered for the traditional rally start but in a very non traditional way.

Last Friday saw a strong turn out of members online for our first 'virtual pontoon party' using the popular software 'zoom' that many of us will have been using in this lockdown to stay in touch with family and friends. Our HROA Sailing Sec was the 'host' for the gathering, even arranging for us to have 'breakout meetings' as the software allows, with smaller gatherings of five members chatting online together before rejoining the whole group five or ten minutes later. Not unlike a traditional pontoon party, it was lovely to catch up with friends and hear news.

Only a very few of us have the luck to be able to comply with government restrictions to 'stay home' and yet have a view or access to our boats, so it is special to be able to keep in touch with fellow sailors of the HROA online.