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HROA Visit to the Postal Museum Railway, London

Travelling underground on a train designed to carry mail bags suited some HROA members more comfortably than others!

It was a tight squeeze for some of us to ride on the Royal Mail's specially designed electric railway, now repurposed around a museum of the post office as a fascinating insight into the history of the mail in Britain and beyond. Travelling through tunnels that only a small child could stand up in, HROA members were treated to a 'son et lumiere' projections of the history of this remarkable underground railway built in the mid twenties to carry mail at speed below the congested streets of London.

Closed in 2003, the railway has been 'moth balled', and then partially re-opened to the public in 2015 to offer amazing rides 'through history', telling the history of the mail service as you travel on tight somewhat cramped mail carriages through deserted stations built to handle mail bags rather than people.

For those of us with a strong nautical bent, there was a museum exhibition that included accounts of brave daring crews of mail ships fighting off French privateers as the call 'the mail must get through', became the hallmark of the Royal Mail down the ages.

One of a number of brilliant events in our HROA Winter programme 2018-19. See the Events pages for how to join on future outings.